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New release: Abdelli (14-10-2011)

We are very happy to announce our latest release by the Algerian singer Abdelli!

Click here to read more and to listen to a track of the album. 

The cd Biviendo en Kantando-Life as a Song by Shira u'tfila has been chosen as Top of the World release by Songlines.
The last issue not only featured an enthusiast review, it also had a two page interview with Stefan Sablic. One track of the cd is also on the free covermount cd, accompanying this issue.

New Swiss distributor (29-04-2010)

Starting from May 2010 we will have a new Swiss distributor. Smart Music will take care of our catalogue from now one and we are looking forward to a good working cooperation.

SAMA Award (20-04-2010)

On the 16th of April Sun City, South Africa hosted the 16th annual MTN South African Music Awards ceremony. Tutu Puoane received an award for her second solo album Quiet Now as best Traditional Jazz Album. This cd was released in 2009 on our label Saphrane (S62607).
We would like to congratulate Tutu, Ewout and the musicians a lot!
More information about the awards can be found here.


Tutu Puoane receiving the SAMA award

German Award for Under the Green Linden (29-09-2009)

Under the Green Linden has been awarded with the German critics year price.
The jury was uninamously not only by the general design, but also about the quality of the content. The full report can be read here (in German).

Gold disc (29-09-2009)

For the first time in our labels' history we have reached the gold disc status for one of our releases.
Cristina Branco's first studio disc Múrmurios has sold more then 10.000 copies in the Netherlands. Also abroad has this been one of our most succesful releases ever. The album is still sold today in many countries.

Order now!

Five years we have been working on Under the Green Linden (Onder de Groene Linde), our megaproject on dutch traditions: 9 cds, 1 dvd and a 440 page book (both in Dutch and English) honour the traditional singers of the Netherlands

This impressive project already received an enormous amount of media attention in the Netherlands, including all national newspapers, radio and television, but international interest is growing as well. This spring Songlines will publish an article and also in Germany the press is starting to get very interested.

The 9 cds cover nine different themes of ballads and hold 163 songs, total playing time 9h 19m 34 s, the dvd has two documentaries (English subtitled) about the man, Ate Doornbosch, who collected most of the recordings between the 50's and the 90's. Together with the book (all lyrics, background information, indices, pictures) everything is packaged in a slipcase and it looks great !!!

In this case the set can be ordered directly from us, in case you have difficulty getting hold of it. The price is €88 for European clients and €100 for the rest of the world. Shipping is pretty expensive, as the set weighs more then 1 kilo!!

We prefer direct payment into our account. The details are:

account holder: Central Distribution bv

Adress: Maanlander 41, 3824MN  Amersfoort, the Netherlands

IBAN: NL93 INGB 0000 7821 06


Bank: ING Bank, Amsterdam.

Please don't forget to mention your full name and adress. You can also send the amount in cash to the adress mentioned above.

Music & Words goes vinyl (03-03-2009)

Lately we noticed a growing demand for vinyl records and therefor we decided to start a new label specialing in 12" lps.

Using the label 6 Spices we will release a nice catalogue of blues, jazz, world, folk, classical and pop music, not only classic albums, but more recent material as well. The first lps are expected in March and will include:

  • Magic Sam- West side soul
  • Shirley Collins -  Adieu to Old England
  • Sun Ra - Sun song (+ bonus track)


All lps will be released on 180 grams vinyl and are manufactured by P&O (Pallas) in Germany. Essential recommendations for the audiophile lovers. As far as possible original tapes will be used to master the albums. Keep an eye on this website or the special website that is to be opened soon. All vinyl lps will be sold directly to the audience.

New album by Lisandro Adrover (26-11-2008)

Bandoneon virtuoso Lisandro Adrover just released a splendid new album: Meets the Metropole Orchestra.


The Dutch newspaper Het Parool already published a very favourable review, with ‘stunningly beautiful’ as only one of many praises for this album.
Adrover meets the Metropole Orchestra live on stage on December 5th in ‘Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ’ in Amsterdam.

news alert: Grammy nomination The cd Buenos Aires Report by Pablo Ziegler & Quique Sinesi has been nominated for a Latin Grammy.

The nomination is in category 29 'Best Tango Album'. More informatian on all nominated albums can be found  here.

On 13 November the winners will be announced during the official ceremony in Houston.

Music & Words goes digital (09-06-2008)

The time has come, Music & Words has sent out its first two albums for digital downloads and they will be on sale worldwide soon.
In 1990 Appellation Contrôlée was the first album to be released by Music & Words. In 2008 Appellation Contrôlée's second album Tíz is the first one to become available for digital sales. The album and its tracks will be available worldwide soon through iTunes, MSN and many other legal download sides. Also the first album on our new label Saphrane, Buenos Aires Report by Pablo Ziegler will be available very soon. Many more will follow as soon as possible.

Kharkov Klezmer Band visits the Netherlands (13-05-2008)

The Ukrainian klezmer band Kharkov Klezmer Band visits The Netherlands for two concerts. On May 28th they are in Amsterdam (Concertgebouw) and on May 29th in  Rasa in Utrecht.

New cd Michael de Jong (31-03-2008)

Singer-songwriter Michael de Jong has released a new album, which is only available outside the Benelux.  


'Le voyageur solitaire' (MWCD 1900) contains studio versions of the songs  Michael wrote in Ireland and recorded in a live version on 'Echo From The Mountain'. This album was hardly sold outside the Benelux, therefore Michael decided to record these again. The cd is released in a beautiful digipack with a 24 page booklet, containing all the songtexts in English, French and German.


The cd will be made available in France and Germany to start with, later other European countries will follow.

Going more global... (16-01-2008)

New distributors for Spain and the US.

January 15, 2008 Burnside Distribution Company has started as our first distributor ever in the US. The first 6 titles, including Michael de Jong, Namgyal Lhamo and Tutu Puoane, have been released and more will follow soon. US customers can contact Burnside here.

In Spain Ventalidor from Barcelona will be our future distributor. The first albums, including Pablo Ziegler, will be released in february. Ventilador an be reached here.

Review Mohammad Gomar in Songlines (04-01-2008)

In this month's edition Songlines (jan/feb 2008) honours the cd Jozza & Jazz with 4 stars.

Mohammad Gomar is highly regarded for his work with the great Iraqi singer Farida, maar is now succesfull with his first solo-cd as well.

Songlines: 'a most charming cd. (...) Ultimately,the real key to this project's success is the rare combination ofhumility and deep musicianship that all the performers bring to it.'

Happy new year! (02-01-2008)

Music & Words wishes all the visitors of this site a very happy and inspiring 2008!

New cd Mazzeltov (01-01-2008)

The Dutch klezmerband Mazzeltov has finished the recordings for its latest album, called Amsterdam.

This new album will be available from January 14th onwards.

'Amsterdam' contains some classic yiddish material, but the biggest surprise is the yiddish translation of some Dutch-language hits and other well-known songs by Michel Legrand!


Mazzeltov will be on tour in January and February with this new theater program:

10 jan  Heemstede - Het Oude Slot
19 jan Oostzaan - Stichting Kiozk
20 jan Heiloo - Theater De Beun
26 jan Groningen - Synagoge
31 jan Amsterdam - Concertgebouw
1 feb Apeldoorn - Gigant
10 feb Velp - Kunsthuis 13
17 feb Zutphen - Odeon
19 feb Den Haag - Theater Pepijn
27 apr Almere - Schouwburg
18 mei Delft - Synagoge

fRoots very positive about Shura Lipovsky (23-10-2007)

The november issue of the English music magazine fRoots contains a very favourable review of Tsart, the latest album of Jewish singer Shura Lipovsky.
Although the Dutch media did not give much attention to this release, fRoots is very generous with its praise. Click here to read some quotes from this review!

Two new South African releases (06-09-2007)

On October 1st we will release two new cd's from South Africa, sung in the Afrikaans language.

'Brel in Afrikaans' by Herman van den Berg is the second release in our series Tussen Kontinente. The cd contains exquisite translations of classic songs from Jacques Brel, such as Le plat pays, Le moribond, Amsterdam and Quand on n’a que l'amour.


The third release in the same series will be an acoustic album by the young singer-songwriter Riku Lätti,appropriately named 'Akoesties'. Lätti is considered to be the one to save the standard of the songs in Afrikaans, an art endangered by the pressure of commerce and of the English language.

Praise for Iraqi classical album (28-08-2007)

The British music press has published two very favourable reviews of the album of Hussein Al A'dhami.
Although this release was completely ignored by the radio and press in The Netherlands, fRoots as well as Songlines were very outspoken in their praise for this album.

Amankay (21-08-2007)

The famous self-titled lp of Amankay will be released on cd.


In 1979 the self-titled album of the group Amankay, Chileans living in exile in The Netherlands, was released. Amankay is internationally recognized as an important and remarkable group, both for their high musical quality and their original contributions to the ‘New Song’ Movement.
On September 8th there will be a reunion in the Tropentheater in Amsterdam, coinciding with the re-release of their record.

Tutu Puone (08/08/2007)

Succes for Tutu Puoane's debut album

The South African jazz singer Tutu Puoane is already succesful with her debut Song. The important Belgian newspaper 'De Standaard' already dedicated the front page of its cultural section to an interview with Tutu.

In The Nederlands she just finished a concert in the prestigiuos venue 'Concertgebouw' and her cd will be released in South Africa within a few weeks. Keep an eye on the News section for new developments!

reviews froots (08-08-2007)

The English magazine fRoots wrote some very positive reviews about the cd's of Comas en Munnelly, Flaherty & Masure.

New label Saphrane (01-03-2007)

Early march we will introduce our new label Saphrane. In cooperation with Gustavo Pazos (dutch radio maker) and Laurens van der Heijden (theatre booking manager)
The label Saphrane will release jazz, classic and world music. First release will by Pablo Ziegler, famous argentinean pianoplayer and composer, who used to work with Astor Piazzolla, and gitarist Quique Sinesi together with Walter Castro (bandoenon). Early march their european tour will start.

Di Fidl-Kapelye is a special klezmerband (31-01-2007)

Di Fidl-Kapelye is a special klezmerband. Not only do they only play the traditional string instruments violins, cello, double bass and cymbalom, but is also an all-female band. Their new album Trumpets for Di Fidl-Kapelye will be released in February 2007.

Shura Lipovsky's new album (10-01-2007)

Early 2007 Shura Lipovsky's new album Tsart will be released internationally. She is an exceptional singer of jewish and yiddish songs. An extensive booklet contains all the lyrics in English, French and Yiddish

Michael de Jong is an American sing-songwriter (02-11-2006)

Michael de Jong is an American sing-songwriter and blues musician from mixed Dutch-French origin. We are proud to present his latest album The Great Illusion.
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