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Lou Dalgleish, born in Birmingham, started her career as a professional dancer. She left home when she was sixteen to travel through Mexico with a circus. She can also be seen as a dancer in the Steven Spielberg movie ‘Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom’.
So she started her musical career releatively late, but her past provided her with lots of material for beautiful songs. For instance, Ornage Plane (from her debut album) tells the story of her Mexican adventure.

Lou’s debut album received critical acclaim from both press and radio in the Benelux in 1995.
Immediately after release she was invited to do a showcase at SXSW in Austin, Texas, opened for Brian Ferry in Holland and appeared on radio and television many times.
The album was also released in Japan (amongst other countries) and reached the charts there. A success we are still proud of!

Then her life took another turn and she withdrew from the musical scene for some time. But now she is back, and stronger then ever. Her new album is acoustic, but this makes the strength of her songs even more apparent. Lou has matured in the past years, both as a singer and a songwriter, and ‘Calmer’ is the proof of this. Her songs are personal, melancholic, and never leave you untouched.

The songs of the new album are mainly written by Lou herself or together with Geoff Sewell. There is one cover: Costello’s Indoor Fireworks.
Lou is accompanied by Marcus Byrne (who also produced the cd) and Pete Harris.
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