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MediaAmparo Cortes is is the daughter of the well known singer and dancer Gitanillo de Marchena. Since she was a child she has been immersed in the flamenco-gitano in Sevilla. This is her third album and she treats her ‘roots’ more freely. Although the real 'cante' is present in the sevillanas and the soleares, she also mixes rumba and salsa ointo her music. as on her previous albums she has once again teamed up with guitarist Enrique de Melchor (aon of the legendary Melchor de Marchena), who supports her together with other Spanish musicians.

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Artist(s): Cortes, Amparo
Article number: MWCD 4047Format: Compact Disc
Genre: Folk flamenco
Country: BelgiumEurope
Release date: 07/18/2005
Tracks: 12 
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