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MediaAirexa (sea breeze) is the second album by the Galician/Belgian band Camaxe. as on their debut cd there is still an important place for the gaita. However, there is much room reserved for new elements from different styles, mixed in a surprising and original way with the traditional Galician roots. The cd was recorded in Galicia with the help of several guest vocalists: Montse Ogando (Liorna), Sonia Lebdynski (Fia Na Roca) and  Sonia Reborrido (Mercedes Péon), plus several Belgian musicians. Refined and elegant music form Galicia with echoes form the whole world.

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Artist(s): Camaxe
Article number: MWCD 4060Format: Compact Disc
Genre: Folk
Country: SpainEurope
Release date: 09/15/2008
Tracks: 16 
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