Music & Words | Jean Blanchard

Jean Blanchard
Since the 70's Jean Blanchard has been active as a musician. He masters fiddle, bagpipe (cabrette) and melodeon and is well known for his performances in bands like La Bamboche and Gentiane (another Folk Classic). He also did a lot of different projects with other musicians, like La Confrerie des Fous and bagpipe projects with Bernard Blanc. Up till to today he is active in the French folk scene.

He has also worked solo all the time, both as a teacher and musician. In 1977 the album Accordéon Diatonique was released. Jean combined two things he liked a lot: his love for the melodeon and his love fo the music from the Auvergne. He collected most of the melodies himself, one of his spokesmen being the famous musician François Vidalenc.

A lot of material on this album has become truly classic, especially amongst hurdy-gurdy, bagpipe and melodeon players. Some melodies and dances have become session standards, just like some of the tunes on the Gentiane album by the way. Nevertheless, this is not an album just for freaks. The common listener can enjoy the innovative, rhythmic playing of a truly great musician just as much.

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