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Niamh Parsons (pronounced ‘Neeve”) is one of the freshest andmost powerful voices out of Ireland today. The great Scottish balladeerArchie Fisher says: “a voice like hers comes along once or twice in ageneration.” Likened to such singers as Mary Black, Dolores Keane orthe late Sandy Denny, Niamh’s smoky, silken voice stands on its owntraditional Irish or contemporary pop songs.


Niamh’s debut recording Loosely Connected (‘92) met with the highestof praise. The album had a cast of hand-picked Belfast musicians manyof whom have become stars in their own right.
Touring with both her band The Loose Connections and Arcady, Niamh has appeared at festivals around Europe, America and Asia.
Her second album Loosen Up (‘97) was another buoyant mix of Moore’soriginals and well-chosen contemporary ballads, once again with firstclass musicians. 1999 Sees Niamh with a brilliant new releases oftraditional Irish ballads, called Blackbirds and Thrushes. Thecollection of songs span over 15 years of Niamh’s singing repertoire.She has painstakingly collected and researched the history of eachsong, creating an album that is a deep reflection of her. In Niamh’sown words, “these songs are living in me.”
Her recent album In My Prime (‘00) features Niamh’s regularaccompanist, guitarist Graham Dunne, as well as several special guests.

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