Music & Words | Fling

A 'Fling' in Irish musical vernacular is a traditional dance type found in various part of the country especially Kerry, Mayo and Donegal. Often related to a Highland fling, the tune itself has a wild, rugged and restless sound to it denoting an intimate yet rural atmosphere.

Fling is also the name of a four-piece band. A group of articulate, accomplished musicians their interpretations of Irish traditional music and song is ensconced in their love and respect of Irish culture. As regards their use of a band name, in Fling's case the choice is an appropriate one. For, as with the tune for which they decided to call themselves, Fling's music is by turns wild, rugged and restless but above all it's real, devoid of cliché and false mannerisms - its sound is a living sound.

Fling was founded in 1996. Evertjan 't Hart (uilleann pipes, whistles and bouzouki),  Annemarie de Bie (vocals, flute and bodhrán), Siard de Jong (fiddle, whistles, bouzouki and vocals) and Philip Masure (guitar and vocals) have been its line-up since 2009. Fling, mentioned as one of the top folk bands in the Netherlands, takes their audience on a wild ride from one musical extremity to the other.

The band overwhelm their audiences with an immaculate, yet wild and passionate performance, in which they reach out and touch their souls, playing ballads and tunes from Ireland and Scotland.Their approach to the music is with the deepest respect for its tradition, yet enriched by their own, quite original, arrangements. Flings' interpretation of Irish and Scottish music and original compositions got them impressive press-reviews full of praise, both nationally and internationally.
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