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MediaThe name Afro Anatolian Tales was first used by Turkish percussionist Sjahin During for an album, now it has become the name of his band. During lives in the Netherlands and he was invited to represent this country at the Fajar music festival in Teheran. Together with Ozhan Acikbas (saz, Turley) and Alex Simu (clarinet, Romania) he went there to create new repertoire with two of the most important musicians of Iran, Kourosh Babaei (kamanche) and Ali Rahimi (tomabak,  daf). It was a special experience for everyone involved. Improvising the musicians created four long compositions. Listening to this album one can actually feel the positive vibes and excitement in the musicians and audience alike. This cd is demanding, but will certainly grow on you.

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Artist(s): Afro Anatolian Tales
Article number: MWCD 5020Format: Compact Disc
Genre: World
Country: TurkeyAsia
Release date: 11/09/2009
Tracks: 4Playtime: 12:45:29 AM
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