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In 2008 percussionist Sjahin During released the very succesful album Afro Anatolian Tales. Now this title has also become the name of his new band. The group's debut album was recorded live in Teheran and offers a fascinating mix of cultures.

The album Afro-Anatolian Tales was very well received by Dutch and international press alike. On this album During laid a beautiful percussive base for well-known guests like Aynur and Arto Tuncboyaciyan. During also received praise for his compositions and arrangements. Music journalist Charlie Gillet (BBC) even named his latest compilation after one of the tracks,  ‘Otro Mundo’. ‘It’s a fascinating and contemplative musical journey’ wrote the English magazine  Songlines.

During was invited by the renowned Dutch Big Bang Festival to perform Afro Anatolian Tales live. He also played in prestigious Dutch venues as Heineken Music Hall, Muziekcentrum Vredenburg and Muziekcentrum Frits Philips. The project was spotted by the music organisation ‘Muziek Centrum Nederland’ and in 2008 During was asked to represent The Netherlands at the Fajar Music Festival in Teheran. The assignment was to create and perform new repertoire together with two of the most important musicians of Iran, Kourosh Babaei (kamanche) and Ali Rahimi (tomabak, daf). Together with Ozhan Acikbas and Alex Simu, who form the heart of the band Tarhana, During immediately left for Iran for one of the most special experiences of his life. While rehearsing and improvising they created a few songs, that were performed in front of a very enthusiast and receptive audience. The second evening was even more magical: the music unfolded on stage and took the musicians and audience on an inspiring journey.
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