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Music & Words | Hussein Al A'dhami

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Hussein Al A’dhami is regarded as one of the most renowned Iraqi maqam singers of this age. He has played an important role in the preservation of this genre and music tradition. The ‘Ambassador of Iraqi Maqam’ played an important role in spreading this music over the world.

In addition to his distinguished voice and great musical talent Hussein al A’dhami has a solid academic music background and knowledge. He graduated at the Iraqi Music Institute and became the first teacher in the institute to teach maqam after het late Sha’ubi Ibrahim. After graduating Hussein al A’dhami received a BA degree in Musical Sciences from the Iraqi Academy of Arts, together with Mohamed Hussein Gomar, the djoze player who produced this album. They were the first two graduates.
Al A’dhami published many articles and books about Iraqi and Arab music, including his debut ‘Iraqi maqam; where to?’. His second book is ‘Iraqi maqam by women singers’, in which he sheds light on the role of female singers in maqam performances, music usually performed by men.
The album ‘Maqams in Divine Enchantment’ was recorded in the Netherlands under musical supervision of Mohamed Gomar, djoze player and director of the well known Iraqi Maqam Ensemble. Hussein al A’dhami was accompanied by Wisam al Azzawi on santour, Abdul-Latif al Ubaidi on tabla, riqq and naccara and Karim Darwish on tabla.

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