Music & Words | CaravanSarail


The musicians of CaravanSarail invite the listener to go on afar-reaching musical journey. CaravanSarail is a meeting place forsounds and rhythms of the world, inspired by the musical universe ofjazz and traditional Oriental, African and Celtic music.

Created around guitarist Eric Sempé and percussionist and vocalistGérard Kurdjian, the group has since been enriched by the addition ofthe whistle and saxophone of Neil Gerstenberg, the Indian sarod andAfghan rebab of Daoud Khan and the percussion and voice of FélixSabbal-Lecco.
On the world music canvas, the musicians of CaravanSarail paint withthe palette of Oriental and European modes. Harmonies and rhythmicstructures coloured by jazz create a unique climate where past andpresent fuse. A magical tour of melodies and traditions of the world,CaravanSarail is also a voyage into the universe of instruments andtonal colour.
The gentle, sinuous sonorities of the sarod and rebab, the harmony ofthe guitars, the breath of the whistles, the deep beating of the bass,the crystalline percussion of the tablas and the crackling of thegatam, blended with voices coming from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Africa orArmenia, offer the perspective of a multi-coloured musical universe,oscillating between secular musical traditions and the sounds of moderntimes.

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