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Gustavo Pazos Conde

I came into contact with the guitar as a child and we have been inseparable ever since.
My first classes were with an old teacher in the El Cordon district of Montevideo. It was he who helped me make the transition within a few years from the classical guitar of Sor and Carcassi to the traditional gaucho guitar of the milonga, vidalita and estilo. These latter guitar put their musical stamp on me once and for all thanks to my experiences from early childhood and adolescence in the countryside around Tacuarembó, in the heart of Uruguay. There the guitar sings and makes people dance during rural fiestas.

Years later, I sporadically received more academic training with the Uruguayan guitarist Magdalena Jimeno from NEMUS (Núcleo de Educación Musical Institute) and in Amsterdam, for a couple of years, at the Sweelinck Conservatory. But my true (more self-taught than academic) training occurred on stage with other musicians. I had already started performing in public at the age of 19 going to play in groups, solo and in several cases accompanying singers; activities I used to engage until some years ago. It was during this time that I created my first songs, musical poems.
In this period some recordings were made, prior to the digital era: El Retorno (1983), Vida y Oficios (1984) and Aparceros (1988). My first instrumental cd for works for two guitars appeared while I was living in the Netherlands and was called Papas Calientes (1998), with the Dutch classical guitarist Esther Steenbergen. This stage of my life has greatly enriched me as a guitarist thanks to the constant and unrelenting demands made on me by my duo partner Esther, and have given rise to an aesthetic maturity in my music which has continued until this day

Until 2010 I have worked as a producer for Dutch national radio. I made several radio documentaries and worked as an artistic director of several musical projects.

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