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MediaZapatango is founded by the virtuoso guitarist / composer Carlos Diaz. His fellow musicians are Bart Van Caenegem, Philippe Thuriot, Ingeborg Cneut and Piet Verbist. All of them belong to the top of the Belgian music scene, having played with e.g. Brussels Jazz Orchestra, Catherine Delasalle and Quinteto de Tango. Diaz hails from stark and barren Patagonia. Luckily this background is not present in his music. On the contrary: it is a scintillating and sensual mix of Argentinina folk and tango styles, mixed with jazz en European contemporary classical music. His compositions are unique and stunning, sometimes quiet and melancholy, sometimes outrageous and euphoric. In the hands of these capable musicians they become real gems.

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Artist(s): Zapatango
Article number: MWCD 3034Format: Compact Disc
Genre: World tango
Country: ArgentinaSouth America
Release date: 02/07/2011
Tracks: 11 
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