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Al Harmoniah
Al Harmoniah began working with De Krijtkring as part of a training project for saxophonists and percussionists of mainly Moroccan origin. Since then the group has gone from strength to strength, giving concerts in Belgium, the Netherlands and France, as well as touring Morocco in their role as cultural ambassaor for Flanders (the Dutch speaking part of Belgium).
Al Harmoniah’s repertoire is a mix of traditional Moroccan music, brass band music, jazz and improvisation. This unique style opens up new possibilities as much for trained musicians as for those who are self-taught, irrespective of their cultural background. It is music that can be played anywhere, which adapts itself to every circumstance and harmonises quickly with other groups and situations.
Al Harmoniah is not only a wonderful example of a multifaceted project insofar as different styles of music are concerned; the group also has the gift of bringing together the teacher and the pupil, the professional and the amateur, the trained musician and the self-taught.
Al Harmoniah’s debut was on the cd Marockin’ Stories (Zimbraz, MWCD 3017) in 1997. Shaabi Jazz is their first full album after releasing two multi track singles on their own label.

De Krijtkring

De Krijtkring is a production company that promotes urban music. It brings together musicians influenced by different cultures within a city, creating the basis of a vibrant new popular culture, which embraces jazz, North African, contemporary and popular music. Each production is preceded by intensive training and rehearsal sessions, during which every effort is made to achieve its final goal: an artistic confrontation.

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