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Ghalia Benali

Ghalia Benali was born in Brussels. She and her family moved back to Tunesia, when she was 3 years old. There she lived and studied, until she was 21. As her family was very interested in arts her childhood was full of music and poetry from all corners of the earth. She came back to Belgium to study graphic design, but at the same time began to sing and act as well.
Her husky voice soon attracted audiences. She performed with Yoda (didgeridoo, jembé, clarinet), Timnaa (Spanish-Arabic), Mâäk’s Spirit (Arabo-jazz) and Hh Kaly (DJ en rabo-Indian vocal). In 2008 she won the World of Music Award, an award for the best world music song and presented by the British organisation We Are Listening.

Bert Cornelis

Bert Cornelis is a young Belgian sitar player who has been studying Indian classical music for 15 years. His first inspiration and teacher was Pandit Ashok Pathak. Bert performed a Guru-Sisha Parampara ceremony with his teacher. This ceremony marks a profound and deep bonding between teacher and pupil.
An another important inspiratation was the late Swami Dhyanabjananda, the first Indian music teacher in Belgium. Bert often visited him in Nepal. He then studied at Prayag Samngit Samiti, the University for classical Indian music in Allahabad (India) and the London based Pandit Ram Sahai Sangit Vidyalaya.

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