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Mdungu is a formation of eight international musicians. Their music travels between the music of the Griots of Mali, the Afrobeat of Nigeria and the Mbalax of Senegal. The music that Mdungu makes is not purely African, as their roots also lay in jazz, rock, funk and surf. Their style is unique. Intense, raw and highly danceable.
Mdungu was founded in 2003 by alto saxophonist Thijs van Milligen. From the start Mdungu is a most welcome guest on (inter)national stages and festivals. The eight men strong band is taking you on a trip leading from Malinese griots via Nigerian afrobeat to Senegalese mbalax embedded in a unique blend of jazz, funk, soul and rock. The irresistible sound of horns and percussion makes you want to dance until the morning hour.
In the fall of 2008 Mdungu recorded their debut cd Afro What!?. The recordings were mixed by producer and guitarist Justin Adams, who is well known from his award winning work with Tinariwen, his own group Soul Science and Robert Plants Strange Sensation.
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