Music & Words | Zapatango

“Zapatango plays a dazzling clash of tango and jazz, at the crossroads between Astor Piazzola and Pat Metheny and between tradition and innovation, with a great deal of passion, poetry and plenty of room for improvisation. ‘World music’ for the 21st century!”
Guitar virtuoso Carlos Diaz (guitarist, bandleader and composer) grew up in the barren, mystic lands of Patagonia, the southernmost area of Argentina. In almost total isolation from the rest of the world he taught himself to play the guitar and set up his first band. Later on, he travelled to Buenos Aires, Brazil and Spain, plunging into bossa nova and flamenco. Diaz finally ended up in Germany and Belgium, where he became acquainted with contemporary classical music and started working with well known artists like Dirk Van Esbroeck, Juan Masondo, Dirk Brossé, Frank De Ruyter, Tars Lootens, Piet Verbist and Breton accordion wizard Gwenaël Micault.

Carloz Diaz calls his new band Zapatango. The music is the result of all his journeys and experiences: an exhilarating, at times contemplative, but always
scintillating and sensual mix of Argentinian folk and tango styles (the malambo rhythms of the gauchos from the country and the heartbeat of the city’s barrios) and elements of western music traditions like jazz, fusion, rock and contemporary European classical music.
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