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Last Call
Over the past years there is a real blues boom in Belgium: threevery promising young bands appeared in that period. Last Call isconsidered to be one of the best blues bands. This is certainly trueafter The Electric Kings(also on MW Records) ceased to exist. Last Call is not just a bluesband. Their unique style is a well balanced mixture of blues, cajun,tex-mex and other music from the southern part of the US, melting intoa steamy, catchy and versatile pot of selfpenned songs.


Last Call started in 1993 and has been a support to many an American band since then: Debbie Davis, Byther Smith and Luther Guitar Jr..They were invited to tour in France, Italy and even Qatar! In 1995 theyreceived the Tamine Blues Award, an award from the French speaking partof Belgium for the best Belgian blues band. In 1996 Last Call releasedtheir debut album Call of the wild on MW Records (MWCD 2022)and it immediately caught the attention of Belgian and Dutchjournalists alike, hailing the band as one of the more innovativerepresentatives of blues music. As on their new album, this first albumwas not a strict blues album. The band has always been very creative incombining blues with other musical styles from the southern states ofthe USA.
Over the last three years the band has been on almost any stage andfestival in the Benelux and they have gained quite a following inGermany and most notably Italy, where they did several tours. Thecatchy presentation of leadsinger frontman Henk van der Sypt (who alsoplays diatonic accordeon and harmonica) never fails to set the audienceon fire.


New line up

Since their first album the line-up has changed. Most notable is theappearance of Luke Alexander on guitars. He was a former member of theElectric Kings and he joined Last Call, when the Kings came to an end.Together with Henk Luke is responsible for almost all the songs on thisalbum.
Time to move! is even stronger than their first album. Thestrong lyrics and melodies, the guest performers, the sheer enthusiasmand craftmanship of this band make it a most noteworthy album. Itreally is ‘time to move’, the band deserves recognition in a muchlarger part of the world.


Last Call 2001 


LastCall (Antwerp/Belgium) present a catchy mix of rhythm ‘n roots, spicedwith New Orleans r&b, boogie, zydeco, cajun, rock ‘n roll, tex-mexand affiliated styles. Don’t expect a traditional blues band. Thegentlemen write their own songs using all the influences mentionedabove, brewing their own colorful, personal -we-just-do-what-we-wantmix. Blues for today’s world.

Over the years they continuously performed in small joints as wellas at big festivals at home and abroad. Mega events? The Belgianfestivals Rhythm & Blues Festival in Peer, Handzame, The GentFestival, etc. In the Netherlands especially the festivals of Utrecht,Rotterdam, Tiel, Breda, Leerdam and The Hague. Spring ‘96 they closedThe International Doha Sail Regatta in Qatar (of all places!).
Their debut album ‘Call Of The Wild’ (MWCD 2022) was released at theend of 1996, followed by Time To Move! (MWCD 2027) in 1999. The latteralbum was responsible for larger awareness of the band in otherEuropean countries and as a result the number of concerts and tours inFrance, Switzerland, Germany, Italy and ... even Jamaica has grown. Alot of people started asking for a live album and here it is! BoogieWitcha (MWCD 2029) is recorded in ‘one take’ at the Muziek-O-Droom inHasselt (Belgium). It is a real snapshot of a regular Last Call–gig(including mistakes, failing reverb-units, etc.!).

This summer Last Call continues to perform at many festivals,including the famous Belgium Rhythm ‘n’ Blues Festival and others inand outside the Benelux. Furthermore they are working on a new studioalbum.

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